Article 25-A of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973, holds the state of Pakistan responsible for provision of free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years. School education has been has decided to upgrade existing Elementary or Primary Schools for those where No High or elementary school exist. In this context , 2021 Schools are upgraded for the double shift in Punjab District.

Download attached Up-gradation Boys of Middle to High Annex-B .


Training of Newly Recruited Teachers and AEO’s

Third party validation of Recruitment of Educators and AEO’s has been started and will be completed till 20-06-2017 after which order in respect of successful candidates will be issued up till 30-06-2017. As training of the    newly recruited educators is mandatory, so it may be completed prior to 14-08-2017, so they may join their duties 15-08-2017 after summer vacations. The training of AEO’s may be completed up till 31-08-2017.



Tuition Fee Charged During Summer Vacations by Private Schools

All Private Schools Institutes are directed to collect monthly fees from students on monthly basis only. i.e. 3 month summer vacation fees will not be collected at the beginning of the vacations. In-case of violation strict action will be taken against the concerned private schools/ Educational Institutes as per law / policy under intimation to the Department

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Summer Vacation Notification 2017

Notification  No. SO(A-1) 1-31/2008 by the School Education Department Lahore dated 12th May , 2017 summer vacation will be observed in all the schools / institutions (Govt. / Privately Managed) in Punjab w.e.f 25th May to 14th August 2017 instead of 1st June to 14th August 2017.

BAN/ Transfer / Posting

Ban is imposed on Transfer / Posting of all officers / officials of Education Department involved directly or indirectly in the census activates during the census operations w.ef. 15th of March to 25th May , 2017.

No one will be transferred or posted on other stations . Even that Ex-Pakistan leave for performing Umrah is also not allowed.

Download attached Letter. BAN on Transfer and Posting